Full-Service Eye Care Center in New York City, East Village

See things clearly again by visiting BLOCKS VISION CARE. York complete eye care center. We are an NYS DMV Vision Registry provider. We offer NYS DMV Vision Examinations six days a week, walk-ins are always welcomed. We also provide tow additional examinations, our comprehensive vision exams and a contact lens examination and fitting seminar. Let’s not forget our extensive showroom, with an extensive choice of Frames, Lenses, Options for your Lenses and contact lenses. Stop by our eye care center in New York City, the East Village adjacent to the famous Block Drug Store and its historical neon sign.

Purchase a pair of Single Strength EyeGlasses

To place an order for a pair of Single Strength EyeGlasses, we require:

  1. A valid Prescription (New York State, dated one year or less).
  2. Your Pupillary Distance (PD measurements), must accompany your prescription, and measured by either you Ophthalmologist, Optometrist or Optician. Your Pupillary Distance is measured in millimeters, between the centers of both pupils. Pupillary Distance differs in each individual, and you will have your own specific measurement.
  3. Frame, which you can choose in our gallery, and any optional treatments.
  4. Once we receive your request, we will confirm your order, by email or telephone.

A Trusted, Local Optometrist in East Village

As part of our commitment to quality and service, our ONSITE FABRICATING LABORATORY is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to customize your complete pair of eyeglasses. Together, our highly technical equipment and our expert Opticians measure your lens exactly to your choice of frame. We strive for perfection, providing the best possible vision you could achieve.

How does this work:

Choose a frame, not any frame, one which makes you feel good, one which brings out your personality and one which works with your hair color and style. That’s right, your personal frame! We will work aside you, assisting with your thoughts, giving your professional feedback, our employees do not work on commission. Next, we discuss your vision exam, and the types of treatment options you have with your lenses. There are many types of lenses, the quality is important, especially when your request additional protection. Once your satisfied, we begin the process, in most instances, we can have in your new frames in days (all according to the additional treatments discussed below).


We specialize in a variety of eyeglass lenses, including Essilor (Varilux and Definity), Zeiss, Kodak, and of course our very own lenses “Block’s” lenses, excellent quality, and crystal clear optics.


Let’s not forget our lens treatments, which provide longevity, sharpness, scratch resistance, anti-fog, and no-glare coatings by companies like Crizal, and Zeiss, and of course our own personal Block’s Lens Treatments. Transitions are the most innovative treatments you could add to your lenses, along with photochromatic treatments. Both additions adjust to the environment’s brightness and reduce eye fatigue and strain. They also block 100% UVA/UVB light by automatically adjusting lenses from clear to dark, acting like sunglasses in the bright sunlight.

Everything at Our Eyeglass Store

If you require any of the three types of eye exams, the comprehensive eye exam, the contact lens exam or the NYS DMV, give us a call and we’ll gladly set up an appointment with our Optometrist. Our doctor and opticians are fully trained, experienced, and licensed in the state of New York. We strive to make sure you are completely satisfied. Come in and speak to one of our staff members. We’ll provide the necessary information you need before purchasing your next pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule an eye exam at our eye care center. Or call 212-228-0651. We proudly serve customers throughout New York City.

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