Contact Lenses

We carry a large selection of contact lens, sent directly from the manufacture.  You receive a fresh, long dated package, in days, not weeks, Block’s personally guarantees.  Come in have a contact lens examination by our doctor, bring a valid prescription, or have your prescription.

TRANSFERRED TO US.  Simple call one of our professional Opticians, have the information readily available and we will do the rest. In some instances, your insurance company will provide coverage; speak to one of our representatives to see if we currently have an agreement with them. Contac Lenses come in numerous varieties, each individualized for your eyes, we carry daily wear, two week wear, Toric and Progressive, Multifocal and more.

And of course, colored contacts to accessorize your eyes!

Below are some Typical Contact Lens Companies and the lenses they manufacture.

We retail numerous companies and their products, for more information you can call us at 212-228-0651


Air Optix® :

-          Focus Dailies Contact lenses

-          Toric Contac Lenses

-          Progressive Contact Lenses

Fresh Look®

-          Color Blend

-          Handling Tint

-          Dimensions


Clariti®      -     1 day Family

-          MultiFocal Lenses

-          Toric Contact Lenses



ProClear ®

For Copper Visions Patient Instructions and Information Booklets go to

JOHNSON & JOHNSON® Spherical, Toric and Multifocal Lenses

Acuvue®     -     1 day Trueye®

-          1 day Moist

-          1 day Define

-          Oasys

-          Advance

 Make an appointment with one of our Doctors; your exam fee comes with two free follow-ups, (within 90 days of your original fitting) to insure proper fit and use of the contact lenses.

Please note, each company provides patients instructions, cleaning techniques and how to take care of your contacts.  We strongly recommend reading the patients instructions carefully, before using any one product.